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About Lennie

As a musician and an Artist, my music inspired Art is much more than a visual presentation. The core principle that moves me is communication.

Given my synesthesia, a neurological condition in which two or more senses are attached, my paintings represent the shapes and images I associate with listening to music and I translate those shapes and forms onto the canvas. In other words, I see music.

In my opinion, the condition of synesthesia is not as rare as the current scientific research would have us believe. Whether listeners of music fully realize it or not, even the key of a musical composition gives it a "feel" of its own. The relation between color and key can be affected by this neurological phenomenon in which different notes stimulate the perception of different colors and shapes and even, for some people, taste.

I compare the creative process of my artwork to that of a jazz musician. The art is improvised and spontaneous once a basic shape is established by the music being represented. It is similar to a jazz musician able to improvise freely and spontaneously within a given form and framework of chord structures. For me, it's all about the music within the music, the art within the Art; the thousands of melodies hidden in the song, the thousands of paintings within the painting.

- Lennie Peterson

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