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About Lennie

Lennie Peterson's Art in all of its forms celebrates the marriage of music and visual art.

His award-winning artwork has been featured in exhibitions around the United States including solo exhibitions at Harvard University, The Boston Convention Center, and in New York City and Los Angeles. Peterson's work has been purchased as a part of collections around the world including Japan, Wales, Argentina, Switzerland and throughout the United States.

His illustrations have been featured in publications and web sites internationally and he has written and illustrated over a dozen humor and children's books.

"The Big Picture", Peterson's nationally syndicated daily comic strip, appeared in more than 100 newspapers and was published as a book collection by Andrews/McMeel Publishing. It is currently running as a daily feature on the syndicate's website, www.GoComics.com, with over 12,000 online subscribers and thousands of followers on social media.

Peterson is also a musician, composer, and former Assistant Professor of Arranging and Composition at Boston's Berklee College of Music. He has performed with some of the world's most renowned orchestras in prestigious concert halls internationally including England, Japan, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Colombia, New York City's Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall, The Vatican and The Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia. Peterson has performed with a variety of artists including Sarah Brightman, Tony Bennett, and Aretha Franklin and was a featured performer touring with classical composer Osvaldo Golijov's orchestral and choral production "La Pasión según San Marcos".

As a multi-instrumentalist he currently performs over 300 dates a year in wide variety of musical genres. Peterson also tours as a Public Speaker and Arts Advocate.

He served as Co-Creative Director and consultant for Bose Corporation for various custom projects. This included the overseeing and management of script writing, conducting, composing, producing, animation, recording, and educational aspects of Bose music and film. Peterson was Co-Producer and Co-Creative Director for the film, "Musically Speaking", developed for public schools worldwide to teach children the appreciation and life enhancing values of music. Other clients include EMC Corporation, Colubris, Stratus Technologies, RSA Security Solutions, and Ford Motor Company.

He was born in Central Massachusetts, his father a musician and his late mother a visual artist. When he is not traveling, he resides in a seaside community on the South Shore of Boston, MA.

Peterson is currently working on his next book based on his Public Speaking presentations about his music and visual art related to the neurological condition of Synesthesia.

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