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Kaki King/Lennie Peterson Guitar Art Project

Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Kaki King has asked Lennie to be one of 12 different artists involved in an art gallery exhibit in Brooklyn, NY this August. Each of the 12 visual artists will have a guitar to create into a piece of artwork to exhibit, named after one of Kaki's songs. The exhibition will take place at "Littlefield" (http://www.littlefieldnyc.com) which is in the Park Slope/Gowanas area of Brooklyn, NY on Friday, August 7. The event will be sponsored by Magic Hat Brewery.

Lennie has chosen the song "Open Mouth" for what he calls its "reliable unpredictability" and its musical twists and turns.Work on the piece so far, in each stage of development, can be seen here. Enjoy!

Also, Kaki's management has set up a FaceBook page to join and follow the work of all the artists on the collaboration. If you are on FaceBook, simply search on "kaki-king-guitar-artwork". The page will be updated regularly. Please join us!

From Lennie:
"This whole idea started when it occurred to me while watching Kaki play, it would be great for her to do her thing- the way she hits and taps on the guitar- on a canvas, and create her own painting with her hands dipped in paint. She expanded on that idea to 'paint' on a guitar instead of a canvas, which i think is great. Ovation Guitar donated 12 guitars for her to select artists to do anything they want with them, inspired (and named) after whatever song we chose."

From Kaki:
"What started as a fleeting idea has become a fully realized art project that spans the entire country. The facebook site continues to grow fans with virtually no publicity, and it's a joy to see pictures of broken and sanded guitars morph into gorgeous works of art."

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