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About Lennie

Lennie Peterson was raised in a musical family.

“It seems there was always music in the house when I was  growing up, from The Beatles to Neil Diamond to Oscar Peterson to Beethoven and Mahler,” Lennie says. “And, in between, we all had our instruments to practice. My father played trumpet and my sisters played flute and piano. When I think of it now, we probably should have just bought a bus and taken the act on the road!”

With this musical background and his mother a painter, Lennie had a strong interest from a very early age in both music and visual art. Making the decision to gain a formal education in music, he also kept active as a visual artist while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

After graduating from Berklee, he began his career as a visual artist and freelance musician as a trombonist, pianist, and singer. Continuing his freelance work performing and drawing, he also began teaching music and art and was eventually appointed a position on the faculty at Berklee as a professor of Music Theory, Arranging and Performance where he remained for ten years.

Since then, Lennie has traveled the world as a trombonist, producer, conductor, arranger, educator and recording artist.  Performances around the world include New York City’s Lincoln Center, London’s Barbican Concert Hall, Porto, Portugal, The Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia, and New York's Carnegie Hall.

Through various educational grants, Lennie also conducts seminars and demonstrations for schools teaching children and young adults about brass instruments and jazz/rock improvisational skills.

“For me, there is no higher calling than to contribute to the world through Art and Music. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to live out my life doing what I love and, in the process, hope to influence and enrich other people along the way.”

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