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About Lennie
Lennie Peterson has traveled the world as a performer, conductor, arranger, producer, educator, and recording artist. He is a trombonist, singer, and pianist. 
Lennie was Assistant Professor of Arranging, Composition, and Performance at Berklee College of Music where he created and developed new courses and instituted programs that remain in the Berklee curriculum to this day. 
After ten years at the college, he took leave to further establish his career in music and the Arts. 
Lennie works in a wide variety of musical genres and settings including jazz, rock, Latin, and classical.
He has also served as a creative consultant and music director for film and audio recordings. 
As well, he tours as first trombonist with Grammy winning composer Osvaldo Golijov’s “La Pasión según San Marcos”, performing with some of the world’s most renowned symphony orchestras and in the great concert halls of the world. Lennie appears on the 2009 international DVD and CD release of “La Pasión”, filmed and recorded in Holland and performed at New York’s Carnegie Hall in March, 2013. The concert was broadcast nationally on NPR radio. 
As a public speaker and performer, Lennie has presented to audiences around the world from public and private grade schools to colleges, universities, and corporate gatherings including Harvard University, McNally Smith College, Colubris Technologies, EMC Corporation, and The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. His interactive discussion focuses on the common traits of history's great iconic Creative Genius and Lennie helps his audience members realize those commonalities, encouraging them to assimilate those traits for a richer, more creative life experience. 
Lennie's father is a musician and his late mother was an artist. Lennie currently resides in a coastal community south of Boston, Massachusetts

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